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Calcium Carbonate

The World's Most Versatile Mineral

Imerys Minerals Logo

UK Calcium Carbonate Operations

Chalk (whiting)

Beverley, Humberside

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UK Headquarters,
Imerys Minerals Ltd

Par Moor Centre
Par Moor Road
PL24 2SQ

tel:  +44 (0) 1726 818000
fax:  +44 (0) 1726 811200

Imerys Minerals Ltd is a member of the Imerys Group, an international mining company focussing on the processing and use of minerals, including calcium carbonates.

Imerys' UK Calcium Carbonate operations are located near Beverley, Humberside. Imerys extract high brightness chalk from the on-site quarry and process it using crushing, grinding and classification equipment to produce powders of fine and very fine particle sizes. The finest particle size powders are further processed by applying a stearic acid coating to improve processing performance in the plastics industry. Selected materials are also provided as an aqueous slurry for the paint, adhesive and other water based industries.

Materials are packaged in 25 kg bags, 1 tonne bags, and for many powders and slurries delivery in bulk road tankers is available. Imerys also produces Calcium Carbonates for breathable polyolefin films, synthetic fibres, sealants, inks, building products and a host of other applications.

For more information visit the Imerys Calcium Carbonate website:


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