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The British Calcium Carbonates Federation

The British Calcium Carbonates Federation (BCCF) is the voice of the calcium carbonate industry in the UK representing the interests of UK producers of chalk, limestone, marble, dolomite and precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC)

Calcium Carbonate

The World's most versatile mineral

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Calcium Carbonate Reference

Cave painting using chalk pigments Ammonite shell composed of calcium carbonate Uses of calcium carbonate extenders and fillers Turning calcium carbonate into powders, granules and slurries






  • learn about the different types of calcium carbonate and their geology.
  • the uses of calcium carbonate from prehistory to modern times
  • how calcium carbonate is turned into a vital filler. used in everyday products.

What is calcium Carbonate?

BCCF educational video about what calcium carbonate is and how it was formed.

Promoting the benefits that calcium carbonate brings to everyday life

Calcium carbonate fillers and extenders, including powders, precipitated products and dolomite, are among the most important and versatile materials used by manufacturing industry.

The British Calcium Carbonates Federation (BCCF) exists to promote all aspects of calcium carbonate use, and is committed to extending the knowledge of the benefits that calcium carbonate brings to products used in everyday life.

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